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I appreciate your interest in working together to bring your vision to life. As I accept new client applications for the upcoming year and into next year, I love to remind potential clients to book in advance for their projects. As a sole proprietor I can only take on so many clients per month to dedicate time to research, design proposals, photoshoots and editing. I am excited to hear about your proposal and hope to work together soon.
Fill out the application below, and I will be in touch within the week.
Thank you!

She made me feel so comfortable and confident and it helped me relax and be myself for the shoot! I highly recommend, especially as someone not typically in front of the camera! She asked what I wanted  looked at my website to make suggestions and get the “feel” for my business.

A true photography artist.

Helping to coordinate looks, choose a location, and ensure that we got the poses and feel we were looking for. The pictures she captured were gorgeous, and she was generous with her time


Her love for what she does comes

through clearly in her work.

I can't tell you how many compliments I've received on these photos from everyone I've shown them to, from "I would want to meet you." to "I want to read your book," to, "she absolutely captured your essence and joy."

I can't thank you enough for bringing

out the very best in me!

Potential start date
Deadline or launch date
What services are you interested in?


Accepting limited clients

for 2024 & 2025

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